Cosmic Traffic Report

June 2019

  • June 3rd. – New Moon 12 degrees Gemini at 3:02 A.M.
  • June 10th. – 2nd quarter moon 19 degrees Virgo at 1:59 A.M.
  • June 17th. – Full Moon 25 degrees Sagittarius at 4:31 A.M.
  • June 25th. – 4th quarter Moon 3 degrees Aries at 5:46 A.M.

June 4th.
Mercury moves into the sign of Cancer @ 4:05 P.M.
The planet of communication now resides in a more amenable energy. We may think with a more emotional mind set. Our thought development may be more creative, receptive, and changeable. as we process information. Flashes of intuition may happen with random accuracy as we feel more sensitive to others and our own surroundings. It may feel harder to be objective so watch out+ for being a bit stubborn once we have made up our minds.

  • Good for Cancer
  • Rough for Capricorn
  • Challenging for Libra & Aries

June 8th.
Venus moves into the sign of Gemini @ 9:37 P.M.
The planet of love and socialization now moves into a more changeable energy. We may feel more poetic, free, and footloose when dealing with our own involvements. Romance and social situations may become more superficial or lack permanence. Freedom becomes important. We are inclined to want to use our manners, promote good relationships with family and friends and lean toward humor in our interactions.

  • Good for Gemini
  • Rough for Sagittarius,
  • Challenging for Virgo & Pisces

June 10th.
The Sun opposes Jupiter at 19 degrees (Gemini/Sagittarius) @ 11:28 A.M.
Our egos may feel fragile today and we may feel over sensitive and restless causing us to spin off into idle chatter with those around us. Because of this we may be prone to avoidance with our deep emotions and we may be drawn to over indulge in food, sex and drink. We may feel better if we journal or express this energy in a healthy manner.

  • Challenging for Gemini. Sagittarius, Virgo & Pisces

June 14th.
Mars opposes Saturn 18 degrees ( Cancer / Capricorn) @ 11:50 A.M.
This transit brings in a very contradictory day. We may alternate between aggression and apathy with bursts of misdirected energy. Moodiness, emotional frustrations may bubble up and out to manifest as negativity. Those who are accident prone need to slow down and breathe! Timing may feel off as well as anger may rule the day.

  • Rough for Cancer Capricorn, Virgo & Pisces

June 18th.
Mercury conjuncts Mars 22 degrees Cancer @ 12:04 P.M.
This transit may make our mental state feel more restless, impatient and argumentative. We may become blind to our own ideas and beliefs when it comes to judging others, but there’s no need for violence or abuse; Time to use this energy for constructive change where we are unhappy and evaluate the situation with a focused energy on making change within ourselves.

  • Rough for Cancer, Capricorn, Virgo & Pisces

This energy will carry over into the next day because…

June 19th.
Mars opposes Pluto at 22 degrees (Cancer/Capricorn) @ 6:56 A.M.
We may feel moody and quarrelsome when dealing with others today. Our deep seated frustrations could erupt in aggressive and abusive ways. Those who are prone to be around abusive and violent people or situations need to be cautious.

  • Rough for Cancer Capricorn, Virgo & Pisces

June 21st.
The Sun enters the sign of Cancer @ 11:54 A.M.
Happy Solstice!! Happy Birthday Cancer!

June 21st.
Neptune goes retrograde at 18 degrees Pisces @ 10:35 A.M.
The planet of spirituality and idealism will now appear to move backwards until November of 2027. During this time it will revisit those whom have felt its influence over the past 5 months. We may revisit our own path or spirituality and review how or where we have been deceiving ourselves or others

  • Challenging for Pisces, Virgo, Cancer &Capricorn

June 23rd.
Venus opposes Jupiter at 17 degrees (Gemini/Sagittarius) @ 12:45 P.M.
This transit may bring in an impulsive and overly emotional air so don’t be surprised by over the top behavior may ruling the day. We may flirt and pretend to care but really want to flee when challenged.

  • Challenging for Gemini, Sagittarius, Virgo & Pisces.

June 26th.
Mercury moves into the sign of Leo @ 8:19 P.M.
This transit may bring in an uplifting and productive energy to our thinking. We may think more with our heart center so romance, creative vision and idealistic concepts appeal to us. We may feel more inclined to take charge and teach others on how to problem solve. Good time to focus and execute ideas around our career/business.

  • Good for Leo
  • Rough for Aquarius
  • Challenging for Taurus & Scorpio

Joy and Blessings,


Joy and Blessings,


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