Cosmic Traffic Report

June 2020


  • June 5th – Full moon 15 degrees Sagittarius @ 3:20 P.M.
      • Lunar Eclipse @ 3:25 P.M.
  • June 21st – New moon 0 degrees Cancer @ 2:40 A.M. Solar Eclipse @2:42 A.M.

June 3rd
The Sun conjuncts Venus at 13 degrees Capricorn at 1:43 P.M.
This transit brings in a very affectionate and social energy to the day. Our hearts will be searching for humor, music and poetry and expressing sensual attractions. We may feel like demonstrating our love to life and living. Socialization and connecting with others will excite us. This transit starts the summer out with a bang!

  • Good for Gemini
  • Rough for Sagittarius
  • Challenging for Virgo & Pisces

June 6th
 The Sun squares Mars at 16 degrees (Gemini/Pisces) at 3:10 P.M.
This transit brings in an air of combative energy to the day. That chip on your shoulder may stand out right now like a sore thumb and attract unwanted aggression. We may feel more outspoken and act in unpredictable ways. Good time to use these energies to take a healthy review of your wounded child and heal. Keep your emotions in check and take time to think out situations before you act.

  • Challenging for Pisces, Virgo, Gemini & Sagittarius

June 13th
Mars conjuncts Neptune at 20 degrees Pisces at 10:13 A.M.
This transit brings in a very out-of-control, impulsive energy to the day. Our intuitions may be heightened and we may feel everything around us. Excessive and unpredictable extremes may try to take over when dealing with others and ourselves. We may feel above the law and justified in behaving badly. Watch out for over doing drugs or alcohol, even things that are legal. Be careful if in hospital situations from drug interactions. Our love life may feel a need for excitement, but watch out for brief or frivolous affairs

  • Rough for Virgo & Pisces
  • Challenging for Sagittarius & Gemini.

June 18th
Mercury goes retrograde at 14 degrees Cancer at 12:59 A.M.
The planet of communication will now appear to move backwards until July 12th. This retrograde may feel a little more powerful than normal due to the coming solar eclipse in Cancer on June 21. Usually retrogrades are about a time of caution. A lot of miscommunication takes place. Mis-understandings, mis-haps, re-wind, re-do. Be careful signing important documents, court papers, business papers or deals, contracts etc… Travel may be a problem due to little glitches. Go slow and give yourself enough time to get where you are going. Be careful of misunderstandings that may be felt more deeply than normal. This eclipse will bring out old forgotten pain and emotions.

  • Challenging for EVERYONE!!

June 20th
The Sun moves into the sign of Cancer at 5:43 P.M.
Happy Solstice!! Happy birthday Cancer!

June 25th
Neptune goes retrograde at 20 degrees Pisces at 12:32 A.M.
Neptune now makes its usual retrograde until November 29th for the summer. The planet of spiritual pursuit and escape will now appear to move backwards. It will revisit everyone who has felt its influence since the end of February. Neptune is about the subconscious mind and our intuition. Good time to work on healing past lives or past hurts.

  • Good for Pisces
  • Rough for Virgo
  • Challenging for Sagittarius & Gemini

June 23rd
Venus goes direct at 5 degrees Gemini at 2:48 A.M.
The planet of love and socialization will now move fore ward. We may feel the urge to party and enjoy our summer (of course we need to be careful and practice social distancing!!) This energy may make us feel more like engaging in music, poetry, art, and socializing. We may feel harmonious and want to connect with all types of people and attractions. Time to improve our home surroundings and work on our family and work relationships. We might feel like expressing our deep feelings for others (using the phone, computer etc.)

  • Good for Gemini
  • Rough for Sagittarius
  • Challenging for Virgo & Pisces

June 27th
Mars moves into the sign of Aries at 9:45 P.M.
The planet of energy and drive now moves into its home space. We could experience a more vigorous and dynamic energy to our summer!. We may find that old routines bore us and we might want to change things up! Success, timing and intense focus now seems more possible helping to clear the cobwebs from our path. Watch out for hot tempers and easy irritability when dealing with others at work or play.

  • Good for Aries
  • Rough for Libra
  • Challenging for Cancer & Capricorn

June 30th
The Sun conjuncts Mercury at 9 degrees at 10:52 P.M.
This transit brings in intense energy to the already strong eclipse in Cancer on June 21. We may find ourselves feeling more impulsive with strong thoughts and ambitious. Watch out for feeling os stubbornness and anger. We could feel more like challenging others with our ideas and how to plan. Beware of the tendency to push your luck! Stay calm and don’t take risks today.

  • Good for Cancer
  • Rough for Capricorn
  • Challenging for Libra & Aries

June 30th
Jupiter conjuncts Pluto a 24 degrees Capricorn at 1:46 A.M.
These two planets have been dancing so close together since June 22! Now they meet up exactly. This transit is about power, leadership; our own abilities to lead. We may need to use self-reflection and self-honesty about our own image and responsibility for our behaviors. This transit last took place back in March on the 28th. Because we have been dealing with a global pandemic and economic setbacks, we need to use this energy to go inward, learn, forgive, grow and focus on what we have learned from stay-at-home orders. Let go of ego, ignorance and self-absorption. We are all one and connected. Pluto is about tearing sown old ways and allowing the new humanity to step up and move ahead to a more positive future.

    • Challenging for Capricorn, Cancer, Sagittarius & Gemini

Joy and Blessings,


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