Cosmic Traffic Report for December 2018

  • New Moon December 7 15 degrees Sagittarius at 2:30 A.M.
  • Second Quarter Moon December 15 at 23 degrees Aquarius at 6:49 A.M.
  • Full Moon December 22, 0 degrees Cancer at 12:49 P.M.
  • Fourth Quarter Moon December 29, 7 degrees Libra at 4:34 A.M.

December 1st.
Venus moves into the sign of Scorpio @ 6:12 A.M.
The planet of love and socialization now moves into a more intense energy.

Our emotions may feel a little more deep and our desires a little stronger. We may feel drawn to a more spiritual side of life. This will feel a little more in-depth for the Holiday season. Idealism and mysticism will blend with our socialization with family, friends and co-workers.

  • Good for Scorpio
  • Rough for Taurus
  • Challenging for Leo & Aquarius.

 December 3rd.
Happy Hanukkah!!

December 6th.
Mercury goes direct at 27 degrees Scorpio @ 4:22 P.M. 
The planet of communication and thought now will progress forward. Obstacle will dissolve and paths will open up! We can now gear up for the Holidays and get it done!!

  • Good for everyone!

December 7th.

Mars conjuncts the planet Neptune at 13 degrees Pisces @ 9:11 A.M.
This transit brings in a more restless and intense energy to the day. Our psychic energies may feel strong, and perhaps, overwhelming today. We may feel more sensitive and sympathetic with those around us at work and home. Be careful of over indulging in drugs or alcohol. We may not be able to remember ‘did I have one or four drinks or pills!!’ Its a time to exam why we may need either!! You may not be able to keep a firm grasp on reality.

  • Challenging for Pisces & Virgo,
  • A little less challenging for Sagittarius & Gemini

December 10th.
Hanukkah ends

December 12th.
Venus conjuncts Jupiter at 7 degrees Scorpio at 10:59 A.M.
This transit brings in an air of generosity and charm to the day. We may feel more like dealing with others in larger numbers. Our relationships may feel more tender and spiritual. Our creativity may become sparked; Art, music and dramatic themes can attract us to participate or surround ourselves.

  • Good for Scorpio
  • Rough for Taurus
  • Challenging for Leo & Aquarius

December 12th.
Mercury moves into the sign of Sagittarius @ 6:43 P.M.
The planet of communication and thought process will now move into a more independent space. This transit may bring in a more impulsiveness to our speech and thought patterns. Intuition may bubble up and scatter our focus. We also may just let it “all hang out” so to speak. Our words may fly out of our mouths before we can think about them. Be careful of over moralizing others and their ideas.

  • Good for Sagittarius
  • Rough for Gemini
  • Challenging for Virgo & Pisces.

December 21st.
The Sun moves into the sign of Capricorn @ 5:23 P.M.
Happy Birthday Sagittarius!!
Happy Solstice!!
Embrace this powerful time followed by a Full Moon!!

December 25th.
Happy Christmas!!

December 26th
Kwanzaa begins

December 31st.
Mars moves into the sign of Aries @ 9:20 P.M.
Happy New Year’s Eve!! The year ends with a bang! Mars now moves into a more dynamic and vivacious energy. The planet of action now moves into its home space firing up the beginning of the New Year! Bursts of enthusiasm, independence and antagonistic energies may fill the air. We may need to be more patient and channel the energies into driving ourselves out of our old ruts and into making new paths for our higher good.

  • Good for Aries
  • Rough for Libra
  • Challenging for Capricorns & Cancer

Joy and Blessings,


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