Cosmic Connection June 2020

Dear Friends,

Thank you for subscribing, and a big welcome to those of you who are new! I am sorry I didn’t get May’s report out. With the corvid 19 and stay at home orders I seemed to have been overwhelmed with life and I had a few health setbacks. Nothing major but I did have surgery two weeks ago. I am moving slowly but getting better. Thank you for all the support!cropped-eh_headshot2.jpg

June is going to test us all!! It will be an interesting month to say the least. We are coming up to a three eclipses in two months plus a Mercury retrograde. More than anything Pluto and Saturn will meet up again as they did at the end of March. I believe this will activate more of the global issues like the pandemic. Buckle up it may get a little bumpy.

Back in 2002 I had visions of the future. I had shared these visions on my radio show Psychic Sushi back in 2004. I will now share again. I had thought the visions had to do with the more political situations back then, granted we did have an economic collapse and housing collapse, but not on the scale I feel is coming in now. Please start getting ready for tough times that will not be so easily remedied. I saw millions of people going hungry, I saw people standing in lines for food, healthcare, homes. I saw great suffering and chaos. All of this is not about who is in charge or what political party you follow. It is about the spiritual illness we as humans have created. We have disconnected from the Earth and we have basically destroyed the environment, oceans, life and have poisoned life and land we stand on without, compass or guilt. We are all connected; there is a thread that wraps around the world so that what happens here effects those on the other side of the world and vice versa. We have forgotten how to see it or we choose to ignore it. We are so shut down and full of ego that we believe there is no consequence to the damage we have done. The bill has come due and now we will pay. It is the COVID 19 virus today, there will be more tomorrow, and the next. The Earth will shed us from her like a dog shakes off fleas.

Can we heal? Do we want to heal? Our eyes are blind to everything. Will we wake up? In Native American tradition the tribe would counsel with the elders for days about how to solve a problem or what was the next step as a people, and they would always take into consideration how it affects all for 7th generations. How will this affect the 7th generation? How will our actions today effect all future generations? We must learn to walk in balance and honor our planet. We must learn to connect and heal. Everyone is a shaman, everyone is a healer! Do it!!!

I ask that we take this warning of this pandemic and get our priorities straight; Start a garden, support local healthy foods, stop pollution through action… VOTE. Do everything as if your life depended on it… because it does. There will be no second chances. Let’s get this right; Heal, meditate, cleanse, and love your neighbor and our planet.
Sorry for such a grim take on things. I saw someone post on Facebook, “We have nothing to fear except stupid. It is time to not allow stupid to make life or death decisions anymore.”

On that note, I am excited to announce my mini fairs are moving. We lost the hotel in Medina. Fortunately we were able to find another location in Fairlawn with, hopefully, the next Mini-Fair the 12th of July. This, of course, will depend on what the orders from the Governor are at that time. I will be adding more fairs to my schedule so please be patient. I still am booked at the UAW union hall for the fall. I am now taking credit cards at all events! I am still doing phone readings and I am back at The Red Onnion and Namaste for private readings. I will let everyone know when I will be back at my other locations.

As far as the Psychic Fairs; We will be following all the health codes and regulations necessary for us to put on the fairs in a safe manner for everyone. Please wear or bring a mask to wear to the fairs and to readings. If you do not have a mask, I will have some for you to buy. We will be doing social distancing, using hand sanitizer and cleaning everything!!

Please do your part too!

  • Don’t attend if you are sick or
  • Have been exposed to someone with the COVID–19 virus!

Don’t be selfish!! My readers need to be safe & healthy so they can help you!!

Holistic and Psychic Fairs  for June are cancelled.

StromadermI am STILL advocating for Liquid Biocell from Modere. I can’t say enough about how much it is helping me stay upright and mobile.
Call me at 330-461-2755 or e-mail me at to learn what Modere’s Clean Living products can do for you!

A couple quick upcoming spotlights including:

I’m also looking into expanded my psychic fairs. Would love to hear everyone’s feedback on where you think a fair would work well.

Also the offer is still open to anyone who wants to share their experiences with me as a reader or their results with hypnosis and I will give them a free reading or hypnosis session!! Submit your stories to my web-wench

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      4073 Medina Rd.
      Akron, OH 44333

      • July 12,
      • Aug 16,
      • Sept 13,
      • Dec 6
  • Holistic & Psychic Fairs  Fliers
    • Ford UAW Hall – 11 a.m.. to 5 p.m.
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      • Oct 4,
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Hypnosis is not sleep; in fact it is a heightened state of awareness. There is no surrender or control, no magic.  No one can be hypnotized against their will. Anyone of average intelligence or higher can be hypnotized if they choose.  Hypnosis is a valuable tool to help someone overcome fears, eliminate bad habits and reach their goals to be a happy and healthy person. Weight Control hypnosis is easy and relaxing. You will be in a light state of trance in order to get your subconscious and conscious minds to agree on your goal to control your weight. This is not a diet but a way to eat nutritionally to achieve your goals to be slim and trim.

For your goal to be a healthy clean air-breather. With hypnosis you will no longer desire to smoke or light up a cigarette ever again. You will not gain weight or feel nervous.  The AMA has endorsed hypnosis for smoking cessation since 1955.

All students will receive a reinforcement CD to take home.

  • Hypnosis –
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      • All group sessions are on hold during the state mandated COVID 19 orders!

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  • Classes – Ghost Hunting and House Cleansing
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        The first one was so well recieved I’m working on another…
  • Other
    • Check my Facebook page for more information at it becomes available
      • I am still following gathering limits, so there is a limit of 10 persons
      • Face masks and hand sanitizer will be used during the reading. I need to protect each of you, myself and my family.
      • Includes Psychic Readings and Hypnosis Sessions

As always… Check my Facebook page for updates

Check my Facebook page and website for updates on class offerings. I don’t currently have a Stop Smoking Hypnosis session listed, but if you have a specific hypnosis need you can always have a Hypnosis Party with the goal of your choice… Stop Smoking / Past-life Regression / Healing… Give me a call 330-461-2755!

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We all know what a great time it is to get a bunch of friends together for a Psychic Card Party, but have you ever thought about a Hypnosis Party? Get your pals, gals, bro’s and buds together for a group hypnosis party! Stop smoking, lose weight, past life… It’s up to you, $50 per person and just like a Card Party the Host/Hostess is FREE!!! Please note that this is a group event so there will be only one focus for everyone, but it is in the comfort of your home! Call me to get your party started 330-461-2755

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Blessing and Joy,
Rev. Elizabeth Howell!

I have to tell you just about all the reading I have received from Elizabeth have beenSisterCoffee “Spot On.” One that I remember, and will never forget, is after my sister died I was sitting in my kitchen feeling very lonely and sad about her death. I was having a cup of coffee and started thinking about being told to talk out loud to our loved ones who have crossed over. So I said out loud “Mary lets go sit in the living room together and have coffee on the big soft couch.” I went into the living room talked out loud to her mentioning things like how sure I was of her being happy sitting in the tall cool grass barefooted, and rubbing her feet in it, laying back and watching the big fluffy clouds make different shapes of characters as we did as small children. I talked until I felt better.
A few weeks later I went to talk to Elizabeth and have a reading. I asked her to see if my sister was ready to visit with me. Mary told Elizabeth to tell me “she really enjoyed having coffee with me.”
I will never forget that reading and how it made me feel so close to, and always with, my dear loving sister.

Coffee With My Sister

I met Elizabeth one June afternoon at the Elite Goddess. For the past 2 years, I was inOnTarget an emotionally draining relationship and it was taking a toll on me mentally and physically. After another episode of fighting followed by being dumped, I wanted an alternative to increasing my positive energy again. I headed to the Elite Goddess in hopes of finding some healing crystals or to at least distract me from another disheartening afternoon. Walking into the store I noticed the sign for psychic readings that afternoon. I inquired about the readings and was told there were no openings. A few minutes later, staff informed me there was a cancellation and an opening was in ~30 minutes. I decided this must be fate and I signed up for the spot. I was a little nervous at first but Elizabeth made me feel very comfortable. She absolutely called out my troubling relationship with the guy and informed me that there was another woman. She also explained there would be a time that I was finally through with him and would move on without looking back. Elizabeth also mentioned me getting a new job that involved some traveling and that I would be getting a large sum of money in that coming fall. The thing I appreciated most about the visit was that she didn’t try to “sell” me anything else. And she never has. Sure enough I learned of my boyfriend’s cheating in July. Around that same time I was offered a new job as a sales representative which involved traveling and with the new job I was awarded $10,000 for moving expenses. I cannot believe how accurately Elizabeth was able to predict all of those things for me when I’m not even sure I was looking for a new job at the time. That absolutely made me a true believer. Since, I have consulted with her once over the phone because I no longer live in the Cleveland area. Again, very accurate information and without trying to sell me more visits or additional materials I needed to “heal” my life. I say this because I stumbled upon a “psychic” handing out fliers for discounted readings. I thought to give it a try since I’m no longer close to see Elizabeth in person. This claimed to be psychic tried to tell me that I had negative energy from the past that needed to be cleared for $1600. After a few trips and hundreds of dollars later, I didn’t even know what she was doing for me. I messaged Elizabeth asking her expert opinion. She gave me the honest answer that I was being scammed. Everyone should be assured that with Elizabeth Howell, you are getting what you paid for which is a real psychic ability and without trying to scam you out of money for whatever reason. Everyone should at least try her abilities once because if anything she gives you hope for better things to come, she helps you believe in yourself, and you can’t help but feel a little stronger after. It may surprise you.

Tara H.

Accurate & Honest