Cosmic Connection September 2021

Dear Friends,I hope the end of summer has been good to you!! Great things are happening! I am planning many events and classes. Please stay turned for more to be added.

Fall is here and we all can use the nicer weather and beautiful skies! I ask all to be sending prayers and healing for the 20th anniversary of 9/11. Hard to believe it’s been 20 years!! I was at Winds of Change Life Enrichment center next door to the Purple Lotus at the time. I had been going through radiation treatments for cancer while the towers came down. I then left the hospital and went to the Lotus. It was a very sad and scary time. May peace prevail upon Earth and let it begin within each and every one in their hearts!!

As a reminder I will be doing more hypnosis group sessions for weight control and smoking cessation. Beginning Psychic Development will start Sept 18 & Oct 2 12 to 3 at Namaste Life Center. Call or book online for the class.

I am still booking parties and private readings. Call me to book

 The rescheduled Gallery Reading event with the great Gregory Nicholas is November 5th. We will still be doing an evening of gallery readings, with food and beverages available! It will now be at the VFW Hall in Brunswick Ohio starts at 7 p.m! Tickets are still $45 which includes snacks, and one beverage (cash bar available). Lots of fun!! Call me at 330-461-2755 to order tickets!

Don’t forget my upcoming psychic fairs! They are listed below. I am looking to add more and bigger locations for the year! I now take credit/debit cards for your convenience. But I prefer cash LOL…

Gained a few pounds due to being home and shut in? Call me to schedule a hypnosis session for weight control!! Catch me at my regular locations for readings between fairs.

As always I am booking private sessions other than my regular hours as well as booking card parties and events! Call me at 330-461-2755 for your session.

Please do your part too when visiting me for a reading or attending my fairs!

  • Don’t attend if you are sick or
  • Have been exposed to someone with the COVID–19 virus!
  • Don’t be selfish!! My readers and I need to be safe & healthy so we can help you!!

Stromaderm Now, more than ever, I am STILL advocating for Liquid Biocell from Modere. I can say enough about how much it is helping me stay upright and mobile.
Call me at 330-461-2755 or e-mail me at whitewolfsingModere to learn what Modere’s Clean Living products can do for you!

Do you want to get discounted Modere Products, an maybe earn some cash at the same time? Contact me for more information!!!

A couple quick upcoming spotlights including:

@ The Red Onion
522 Pearl Rd
Brunswick, OH 44212
The 1st and 3rd Thursday

@ Cool Beans
103 W Liberty St
Medina, OH 44256
Walkins Welcome

The 2nd and 4th Thursday

Also the offer is still open to anyone who wants to share their experiences/testimonials with me as a reader or their results with hypnosis and I will give them a free reading or hypnosis session!! Submit your stories to my web-wench louee(at)!

If you haven’t liked my FaceBook business page click here to like it!

If you haven’t liked my FaceBook business page click here to like it!  Like Elizabeth Howell's Monthly Cosmic Traffic Report on FacebookMY PSYCHIC FAIRS for 2021 will be posted as soon as they are finalized!
Free admission & Readings are $25 from all your favorite readers!

MY PSYCHIC FAIRS for the next couple of months

Free admission & Readings are $25 from all your favorite readers!

  • Monthly Mini Fairs    Fliers
    • Holiday Inn Fairlawn Noon to 5 p.m.

      4073 Medina Rd,
      Akron, OH 44333

      • December 5th
    • VFW Post 9520 Hall – 11 a.m.. to 5 p.m.

      1439 S. Carpenter Rd.
      Brunswick, OH 44212

      • October 3rd.
      • November 14th.
  • Other Psychic Fairs
    • Namaste Life Center Noon to 5 p.m.

      620 W. Smith Rd.
      Unit W5

      Medina, OH 44256

      • October 16th


  • Gallery Readings w/ Elizabeth
    • Namaste Life Center
      September 24th 7 p.m.

  • Gallery Readings w/ Elizabeth & Gregory Nicholas
    • Brunswick VFW
      • 1439 S. Carpenter Rd.
        Brunswick, OH 44212
    • November 5th @ 7 p.m.
      • $45 Includes Snacks & One beverage
        • Contact Elizabeth to reserve your seats! 330-461-2755
  • Other Events
    customer-survey_June2021I would like to know where your interests are for your development this year. Please take a couple minutes and complete my short survey to give me YOUR insights.

We all know what a great time it is to get a bunch of friends together for a Psychic Card Party, but have you ever thought about a Hypnosis Party? Get your pals, gals, bro’s and buds together for a group hypnosis party! Stop smoking, lose weight, past life… It’s up to you, $50 per person and just like a Card Party the Host/Hostess is FREE!!! Please note that this is a group event so there will be only one focus for everyone, but it is in the comfort of your home! Call me to get your party started 330-461-2755

Be sure to “Friend My Fairs & Psychic Sushi” on Facebook for all weekly updates and stuff about the TV show. And, it is never too early/late to plan a Spirited Event. If I am already booked for your date… I know people... And lastly, don’t forget that having a Psychic Card Party is still THE BEST way to get a FREE reading from…

Rev. Elizabeth Howell!

Elizabeth is the best reader I have ever experienced. She is deeply caring, intelligent, and has great integrity. I highly recommend her.

Susan R. Dec. 2020

I have to tell you just about all the reading I have received from Elizabeth have beenSisterCoffee “Spot On.” One that I remember, and will never forget, is after my sister died I was sitting in my kitchen feeling very lonely and sad about her death. I was having a cup of coffee and started thinking about being told to talk out loud to our loved ones who have crossed over. So I said out loud “Mary lets go sit in the living room together and have coffee on the big soft couch.” I went into the living room talked out loud to her mentioning things like how sure I was of her being happy sitting in the tall cool grass barefooted, and rubbing her feet in it, laying back and watching the big fluffy clouds make different shapes of characters as we did as small children. I talked until I felt better.
A few weeks later I went to talk to Elizabeth and have a reading. I asked her to see if my sister was ready to visit with me. Mary told Elizabeth to tell me “she really enjoyed having coffee with me.”
I will never forget that reading and how it made me feel so close to, and always with, my dear loving sister.

Coffee With My Sister