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Cosmic Connection July 2015

welcome to my August 2015 Cosmic Traffic Report,

Welcome to the "Dog Days" of August, and, in typical Ohio fashion, the weather here is a hodgepodge of meteorological events! I hope everyone is "Weathering" their summer well.

I apologize for this Traffic Report being so late, but I was waiting on an important bit of information to include. I will be reading at a fund raiser to support a Cleveland theater group called Cesear's Forum that spotlights local talent and theater! When & where are listed below.

I would also like to reach out to someone interested in sharing an office space. I have found a nice space on Medina's Public Square, but I am open to other options. If you're interested please give me a call at 330-461-2755.

Sadly due to circumstances I have not been taping Psychic Sushi, but am getting things ready to start again and would like some suggestions on who YOU would like to see as guests. Got an idea let me know on my Psychic Sushi Facebook Page.


Free admission & Readings are $25 from all your favorite readers!

  • Other Psychic Fairs
    • August 30th. - Monthly store fair - Goddess Elite 28887 Lorain Rd. N. Olmsted, OH 1p.m. to 5p.m.
    • September 6th. - Brothers Lounge 11609 Detroit Ave. Cleveland, Ohio - 1 p.m. to 7 p.m.
      This is a fund raiser for a wonderful theater group Cesear's Forum
    • October 17 & 18 - Holistic Health & Healing Expo - Soccerplex Lorain Rd. N. Olmsted, OH
  • Hypnosis -
    • Private Sessions
    • Medina - Call for appointment - 330-461-2755!
  • Classes –
  • Other
    • Train Station Ghost Hunt in Kipton
      September 25th. - Contact Goddess Elite for details

I have some updated links for my Jusuru Page and I am still very interested in helping everyone feel & look better... From the website, "Jusuru was launched out of the science behind Liquid BioCell, a new generation of nutraceuticals for healthy aging, active joints and younger-looking skin." I have experienced such a great boost in so many ways, and I REALLY want to share it with YOU. Look over the  Jusuru web pages, my I.D. number is 255115, then contact me with your questions. I would be excited to help you too market these wonderful products. Look for information on an open house to introduce everyone to what Jusuru has to offer.

I want to give a special shout-out to all who are thinking of having a Psychic Card Party, NOW is the time to get yours scheduled!  I also have a place for private readings and hypnosis sessions!!! It is in Medina and is easy to find. Call me for more information & to book your session - 330-461-2755!

Check my Facebook page and website for updates on class offerings. I done't currently have a Weight Control Hypnosis session listed, but if you have a specific hypnosis need you can always have a Hypnosis Party with the goal of your choice... Stop Smoking / Past-life Regression / Healing... Give me a call 330-461-2755!

Don't forget that I  now have Facebook pages for my Psychic Fairs and TV show, Psychic Sushi. Check them out and give them a "Like" so you can keep on top of the latest event details. We will taping Psychic Sushi again soon so if you want to be a part of it all check my Psychic Sushi Facebook page to know it will be. I would love to have you in the audience at the BAT station on Manhattan Dr. in Brunswick, OH!
Are you on Facebook? Check out my new event page and my Pychic Sushi page!

We all know what a great time it is to get a bunch of friends together for a Psychic Card Party, but have you ever thought about a Hypnosis Party? Get your pals, gals, bro’s and buds together for a group hypnosis party! Stop smoking, lose weight, past life… It’s up to you, $50 per person and just like a Card Party the Host/Hostess is FREE!!! Please note that this is a group event so there will be only one focus for everyone, but it is in the comfort of your home! Call me to get your party started 330-461-2755

My regular times are: Tuesdays at Moxies in Lodi, The Red Onion in Brunswick on Wednesdays; Better call for an appointment though! And Thursdays are still walk-ins at Cool Beans on the Square in Medina. And remember private sessions are available!!!

Be sure to "Friend me, my Fairs & Psychic Sushi" on Facebook for all weekly updates and stuff about the TV show. And, it is never too early/late to plan a Spirited Event. If I am already booked for your date... I know people... And lastly, don't forget that having a Psychic Card Party is still THE BEST way to get a FREE reading from...

Rev. Elizabeth Howell!


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