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August Cosmic Traffic Report

  • Full Moon on August 7th. 15 degrees Aquarius @ 1:11 P.M. Lunar eclipse
  • New Moon on August 21st. 28 degrees Leo @ 1:31 P.M. Solar eclipse

I normally don't talk much about the eclipses and leave that to other people who post a lot on Facebook or video blog etc., but this is a very big eclipse for everyone in the USA. This eclipse is the same as it was back in 1998. So first look back to what areas of your life went through changes back in August/September in 1998.
Did you:

  • Change a job?
  • Buy a house?
  • Move out of state?
  • Fall in love?
  • End something.

Take a close look to see what area of your life was affected by that eclipse. If nothing… you were lucky. Since we are NOT the same people, or in the same situations, as we were back in 1998 we can still get a glimpse of how we may be affected. This eclipse will also be following an interesting transit with the Sun and Mars in Leo. What does that mean? Well, everyone will be on edge & emotions may be over the top. The USA needs to watch any aggressive moves. We need to watch for violence and domestic terrorism (both cyber & bombs etc.) I believe things are coming to a point that we CAN bring healing and calm energies of change to our current stressful situations.

  • Challenging for Aquarius & Leo
  • Rough for Taurus & Scorpio

August 2nd.
Uranus goes retrograde at 28 degrees Aries @ 9:25 P.M.
The planet of freedom & urges will now appear to move backwards (retrograde) until January 1, 2018. It will revisit everyone who has felt its influence over the past few months starting in April. We may feel less enthusiastic about religion & philosophy. It is a good time to go inward and do some soul searching. Enjoy.

  • Challenging for Aries, Libra, Capricorn & Cancer

August 12th.
Mercury goes retrograde in the sign of Virgo @ 7:56 P.M.
Mercury the planet of communication and travel will appear to move backwards (retrograde) until September 4th. Whenever Mercury goes retrograde it is a time of caution. Be careful when buying large items, cars, houses or embarking on new challenges like changing jobs, signing contracts, travel; Especially all areas where we communicate (computers, letters, phones etc...) We find it is a period of re-hash, re-wind, re-do, mis-communications, mis-haps and mis-understanding. Not a good time to have surgeries etc…

  • Challenging for EVERYONE! However, those within the sign of Virgo will feel it the most or those with Virgo in Mercury
  • Rough for Pisces
  • Challenging for Sagittarius & Gemini also

August 15th.
Venus opposes the planet Pluto at 17 degrees (Cancer/Capricorn) @ 6:14 A.M.
Money and lust may rule the day. We may have a hard time finding balance with our standards. The grass may appear quite a bit greener on the other side (just remember it's really not!)

  • Challenging for Libra & Aries
  • Rough for Capricorn & Cancer

August 17th.
Venus squares Jupiter at 19 degrees (Cancer/Libra) @ 1:40 A.M.
This transit may bring in more challenges for us to stay positive. Not a good day for risks. We may find ourselves pushed to over exaggerate our situations and how we think of others at this time. Be very careful of making choices that are self-absorbed or conceited.

  • Rough for Cancer & Libra
  • Challenging for Capricorn & Aries

August 20th.
The Moon conjuncts Mars @ 10:55 P.M.
This transit stokes up the fire for the next day!! Emotions will be tense. Everyone will feel more passionate about everything!

August 21st.
The Moon conjuncts Sun at 28 degrees @ 1:31 P.M.
Happy solar Eclipse!!

  • Challenging for Leo, Aquarius, Taurus & Scorpio

August 22nd.
The Sun moves into the sign of Virgo @ 5:31 P.M.
Happy birthday Virgo!

August 25th.
Saturn goes direct at 21 degrees Sagittarius @ 5:19 A.M.
The planet of Karma and limitations will now appear to move forward and continue until it moves into the sign of Capricorn on January 1, 2018. We may feel like a cool breeze moves through the room for us. Everyone who has been feeling Saturn in Sagittarius since April will now feel it again and it will finish with Sagittarius.

  • Rough for Sagittarius & Gemini
  • Challenging for Virgo & Pisces

Also on August 25th.
Venus moves into the sign of Leo @ 11:30 P.M.
The planet of Love and Socialization will now move into a more meticulous sign. We may find ourselves more scrupulous about our personal appearance, diet and actions of those around us. It may feel more difficult to share or express ourselves with family and friends. Good time to adjust our diets or budgets.

  • Good for Virgo
  • Challenging for Sagittarius & Gemini
  • Rough for Pisces


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